Message from Chairman of Committee on Nominations


To: All TPAA members

From: TPAA Committee on Nominations

Subject: Election Ballot for TPAA Board of Directors

Dear TPAA members,

In the past few years, the committee on nominations sent out election ballots to TPAA members by postal mail which was costly and required a lot of labor. However, only a tiny fraction of TPAA members sent back the voted ballots, about 5 % in 2016.

The board of directors was considering alternate methods to disseminate the ballots. Recently I proposed to the board that we try electronic voting (via emails) until the bylaws is amended, but it did not receive majority support from board members. Therefore, we are sending the ballots again by postal mail this year.

Since this could possibly be the last time we will mail out the ballots, we ask that EVERY member please return the voted ballot. Most importantly, please kindly fill out the contact information at bottom of form as completely as you can*.

We also post this ballot information on website.

Please pass long the ballot and this letter to other TPAA members whom you think may not receive this mail ballot (e.g. they have moved) or alert them to read it on website.

All responses are much appreciated and will be a tremendous help to TPAA and TPAAF.

*All this information will be strictly used for TPAA business only.


P. Kosaphandhu, MD

Chairman, Committee on Nominations TPAA 2017


TPAA 2017 Election Ballot for BOD instructions:

  1. Vote for BOD according to your Regional Chapters.
  2. Mark “X” to the appropriate vote-box to signify your vote after each candidate’s name.
  3. Those who do not use original ballots to vote need to identify yourself so we can confirm your eligibility to vote.
  4. Mail voted ballots to:  P. Kosaphandhu (TPAA Committee on Nominations), 4642 Elm Terrace, Skokie, IL 60076
  5. All ballots will be accepted by postal service only, postmarked by November 20, 2017.

Members of Midwest Chapters can vote up to 3 candidates.

Members of Western Chapter can vote up to 2 candidates.

Members of Northeast Chapter can vote up to 1 candidate.

Members of Southern Chapter can vote up to 1 candidate.

Chapter Region BOD candidates For Against Abstain
Midwest 1.      Apinan Thitipraserth, MD
Midwest 2.      Picha Moolsintong, MD
Midwest 3.      Thasarat Vajaranant, MD
Northeastern 4.      Suwat Silpasuvan, MD
Southern 5.      Usah Lilavivat, MD
Western 6.      Chainaronk LImanon, MD
Western 7.      Ruthachai Rithaporn, MD



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