2018 TPAA President’s Message

January 1, 2018.

Hope your holidays were excellent!   As the New Year starts, I look forward to being the new president.  Being new to the organization, I have a lot to figure out and learn.  I am thankful for the many people that have been active for years to help me through this transition.  Having grown up with the organization since young, I have seen it progress over the years.  The important mission of contributing to the numerous causes needs to continue.  The fortunate thing is that we have members that are very motivated and interested in fulfilling this mission.  To this end, I have new officers to assist me in this process.  To each one of you, I thank you greatly for helping out.   Here is our list:

Sunti Srivathanakul MD

Vice President
Sarohd Tang, MD


Ben Kahn, MD

Ped Bunsongsikul, MD

Chairman of the Board
Chris Malaisrie, MD

Vice Chairman of the Board
Kosit Prieb, MD

As we move forward,  I think that there are some discussions on how we can improve the operating efficiency of the overall organization while maintaining our mission and activities.  More things to try to do as we come up with new ideas.

Our planning for the annual convention is continuing.  It is scheduled for May 11-14 in San Antonio, Texas, Hilton Hotel de Palacios on the Riverwalk.  Lots of fun activities are being planned.  Special thanks to Goy Thumasathit for all the restaurant and hotel bookings.  I couldn’t do it without her.  The focus is on fun!  San Antonio’s Riverwalk has a lot of activities and sightseeing.  I will send an email to get a sense of how many are interested in coming.  Included will be the itinerary. Please email me back so I can send you a registration packet and get a headcount.  Again, thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year,

Sunti Sammy Srivathanakul MD, MBA
President, TPAA 2018