September 17, 2019

From: Committee on Nominations

To: TPAA members

Re: TPAA 2020 President and Board of Directors Members’ Election

Dear TPAA members,

Enclosed are the TPAA 2019 President and Board of Directors members’ election ballots.

There is no candidate for President-Elect. Volunteer, write-in or suggestion is welcome.

The term for President is 2 years (2020-2021). The term for Board of Directors is 3 years (2020-2022).

Chapter BOD Positions are as follow 1 for Northeast, 3 for Midwest, 1 for Southern and 2 for Western.

Each chapter shall elect its own Board of Directors member(s).

Board of Directors members’ election Ballot is chapter-specific.

Please supply requested info if you are voting for candidate(s) in a different chapter or having new address.

Ballots are posted on links below, please click the appropriated links, download the form and cast your vote, then mail it the address below.
Ballots will be emailed to all members with email addresses and mailed to those without email addresses.
Please email us your current email address if you do not receive the ballots by email.

Please obtain additional ballots from the website.

Please provide us your complete address if you have to vote using additional ballot.

Contact us if you are not sure which chapter you belong to.

Voted ballot needs to be returned by mail to the address below. Email voting is not valid.

Postmark deadline is October 21, 2019.

Paper ballot will be furnished to email-ballot recipients without the ability to print the ballot. Please email me If you need a paper ballot.

Respectfully submitted, 

Apinan Thitipraserth, MD

Chair, TPAA 2019 Committee on Nominations

1507 W. Walnut St., Marion IL 62959
H: 618-997-9665
C: 618-967-7653

Click here for the voting ballot for Northeaster Chapter

Click here for the voting ballot for Midwest Chapter

Click here for the voting ballot for Southern Chapter

Click here for the voting ballot for Western Chapter