Message from representatives from King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation (KTBF) and Thai Physicians Association of America (TPAA)

November 3, 2022                                                     

Dear TPAA members and families,

              Greetings to Donors and Friends of the Thai Scholars Fellowship Fund at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (The Fund).

This is the time of year we are celebrating the holiday season. We wish you the happiest and healthiest life surrounded by love, grace, and beauty. We want to take a moment to say “Thank You” for being part of the Thai Scholars Fellowship Fund.

On behalf of The Fund’s working team*, we would like to report that the income generated by this Fund has awarded six small scholarships (amount of $4,500 to $18,762.00) to Thai physicians since 2019. All of the awardees are highly motivated and determined to acquire new knowledge at this prestigious institution that will afford them to make a significant impact when they return to work in Thailand after their graduation. These students are extraordinary and truly worthy of your support, and we wish we could give larger scholarships to many more qualified applicants who wish to pursue exciting opportunities at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. All of these could only be made possible with your gift and your generosity toward The Fund. You are the critical piece that keeps our mission moving forward.

We are deeply encouraged and empowered by your continued commitment to this cause. Together we are keeping the legacy of Prince Mahidol and H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej alive. By donating to The Fund, you are helping to develop Thai professionals through education, research, community engagement, and high level of training that will enable them to make consequential public health initiatives and to improve overall well-being of Thai people.

As of December 2020, our endowed fund balance was at $413,625.00. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our fundraising efforts were not as robust as in previous years, adding $45,900.00 to the Fund. We are counting on your contributions to drive the number pass the $500,000.00 milestone before the arrival of 2023. The Fund’s ultimate goal is $1,500,000.00.

Giving not only benefits the health of the Thai population and the future of medicine, it also confers better health to the gift giver like you. Studies have shown that such generosity can lead to lower blood pressure and stress levels as well as improve self-esteem, happiness, and longevity.

Please kindly extend the invitation to your friends, families, and business. Enclosed is the tax-deductible donation form for your convenience. 


With sincere gratitude and best wishes for the new year,

Prem Chantra, MD, Usah Lilavivat, MD (Representing TPAA)

Cholthanee Koerojna, (Representing KTBF)

*representative from King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation (KTBF) and Thai Physicians Association of America (TPAA)

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