2017 TPAA Thailand Convention


August 9, 2016

    Message from 2017 TPAA president

      Dear members of Thai Physicians Association of America,

As the task to prepare my second year as President of TPAA begins, I am humbled by a sense of gratitude and pride in the TPAA community that has together endured many ups and downs over the past 38 years. And I am eager to continue to be a part of our association as we evolve. I strongly believe in a positive leadership and have demonstrated that by consistently value and respect the thoughts and opinions of all members.

It is no secret that we are facing severe shortage of volunteers who would like to take on responsibilities to lead and serve the duty of TPAA officers. We must invite and enroll more and more new generation members who are our hopes to carry the association into the future. All of us, not just few members, must continue now more than ever to work together towards this goal and make our association thrive despite the pressure and changes around us. It is imperative that we make a concerted effort to make TPAA last as long as possible, as it has served us so well for nearly four decades. But we cannot survive if none of us rises to the occasion to take the helm and continue the TPAA mission. Our nomination committee and I have tried and called on many members and asked for their help, only to be rejected. I am pleading with you again to please call me to offer your idea, suggestions and advices including how much you care about the survival of TPAA. Our future depends on each and every member to work hard at it. Please accept my gratitude in advance for your cooperation and kindness.

How and where are we going from here?

Let us begin with the 39th Annual Convention in Thailand, February 10, 2017 through March 15, 2017. You are cordially invited to participate in Pre-convention tour, CME and evening events in Bangkok followed by two very interesting post convention tours: to Malaysia and to China (Zhangjiajie & Fujian). I hope you will join me in these fun activities, specially arranged for your enjoyment. I am truly excited to be able to make these trips available for our members and families with much effort and help from the Organizing Committee.

Please allow me again to count on your generous support for TPAA Rural School Project and Medical Mission. Please make use of the attached TPAAF donation form, your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for your participation in our association mission and fundraising efforts. I look forward to seeing you at the convention 2017.


Sincerely yours,


Siriporn Kulkamthorn, M.D.

President TPAA 2017

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