2013 President’s Message

 January 1, 2013

Dear TPAA Friends and Families,

Happy New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you & your families a successful and joyous year, this 2013.

I would like to inform you that the combined Medical Mission and Rural School Projects, which will be conducted at the Amphur Oamkoi, Mejam and Kalayaneewatana are progressing well. They are the poorest Amphurs in the North of Thailand, and were initiated by our Beloved Majesty the King and The Crown Princess Sirindhon of Thailand many years ago. Through the help of Chiang Mai University, we were able to find out that those Amphurs desperately need our help the most, in education, school repairs, and well being of the students attending those provinces. One of the six schools in our Rural School Project, only have a 15.38% passing rate on middle school exams, which partly stems from the problem that 15 out of 77 students are completely unable to read. Another cause of such a low passing rate comes from the fact that these schools are ill equipped, and will need at least 2-4 more bathrooms for the students that reside on campus per school. They also need filters for clean drinking water, more books, computers, and an up-to-standard library. These 2 projects, in which we will work jointly with Chiang Mai University, will help give more attainable futures, choices, and opportunities to children in Thailand, where there is not enough, because of weak foundations early education.

This year, we will try to recruit the next generation TPAA members to participate with TPAA activities as much as they possibly can, by serving as directors and officers. We will have 5 next generation TPAA Professors and 4 Medical Directors from the US, who will participate in the TPAA-CME meeting at Chiang Mai Medical School this year. This TPAA-CME activity will be a charity, meaning that there will be no registration fees what-so-ever for all local doctors, nurses, and all other medical personnel in Thailand. We anticipate to have around 600-700 medical personnel attend this meeting on January 30-31, 2013 at Chiang Mai Medical School.

As your President this year, I pledge to serve our association with diligence and honor, for the benefit of the TPAA members & for those who will receive much needed help from the TPAA members, friends, and families. Our fees are the lowest of the decade, and any contribution received, would be greatly appreciated. Again, I would like to invite you, your friends, and families to join TPAA for exciting and memorable upcoming events in Chiang Mai. I hope that everyone will enjoy the programs with friends and relatives in Thailand.

Thank you for your support and participation. I hope we will be able to make a considerable difference in the lives of those who need us. I am honored to be your President this year.

Thank you very much,

Somchai Kulwatdanaporn, MD

TPAA President 2013

August 5, 2013

President’s Mid-year Report July 2013

Dear All TPAA Family & Members:

During the period of October, 2012 – July 2013 TPAA has spent time and budget to build new kitchens with dining areas, multipurpose building, bathrooms, sanitary systems and water tanks with clean drinking water systems for 3 schools. We also repaired the library rooms and supplied books enough for 600 students at 2 schools in Amphur Oamkoy (Mae Lamidad Laung and Ban Huay Koang) and one school at Amphur Gaylani Vadhana ( Bann Chan School). TPAA completed construction first multipurpose building at Baan Chan School on February 2013. Baan Chan School is one of TPAA’s most successful projects,where the town people came to build and repair the school free of time and labor charge.

TPAA just finished construction second multipurpose building, repair the library, student dormitory and build the clean drinking water system at Huay Koang School, Amphur Oamkoy 4 weeks ago.

Before and after construction of the dining area.

TPAA also build one Community Health Center about 40 Kilometers from Oamkoy Hospital, use for first aid treatment for the poor who live far away from the hospital (we use His Majesty the King’s Economic Method for construction).

Medical mission January 2013 TPAA had 43 doctors and nurses from the United States conducted the medical mission at Amphur Oamkoy ,we treated 363 patients there. We found during our medical mission, that the people at Amphur Oamkoy are very poor, lack of health education and lack of nursing services. This year our TPAA member awarded 5schloarships for students to study nursing at Chiang Mai University. They will return back to work at Amphur Oamkoy after their graduation

Our TPAA medical mission and Royal Rural School Project 2013 are very successful. We would like to thank you Assoc. Prof. Theera Visit Panich of CMU Alumni Association, Governor Thaninra Supasan of Chiang Mai, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boonlom Cheva-Isarakul, Asst. Prof. Boonwattana Boontham , Dr. Prajin and Khun Anothai Loathiang of Oamkoy Hospital for their support and organize in Thailand.

For the year 2014 TPAA will return back to finish the project, repair and improve 3 schools (much bigger) at Amphur Oamkoy, which Than Kitti Khanthamit listed for TPAA for assistance. There are Bann Young Poa, Bann Ou Toom and Bann Nakian School. TPAA plans to assist all 3 Royal rural school project and build or repair Community Health Center at Huay Koang for the poor who live far away from the hospital.

Thank you for your support and participation. I hope we will be able to make a difference of the people at these Amphurs. I am looking forward to working with you soon.

Thank you again,

Somchai Kulwatdanaporn, M.D.

TPAA President Year 2013

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