2016 TPAA Annual Convention in Thailand

2016 President’s Message

Date June 15, 2015
Dear TPAA Members, Family, and Friends,
It is my honor to serve as the 2016 President of TPAA. It will be a challenge to live up to the integrity and excellence demonstrated by our previous presidents, but I am confident that I will be up to the task.
In line with the TPAA 2015-2016 BOD’s recommendations, I have formed effective and competent committees to plan for the 38th Annual Thailand Convention on January 25-31, 2016
To fulfill our goals of re-uniting TPAA members, family, and friends, the convention committee has recommended Suan Phuang, Rachaburee is the perfect meeting site.  It is magnificent, romantic, and surrounded by nature.
The Amari Hotel will be hosting our members during January 16-February 12, 2016.
The schedule of events for the 2016 calendar year are as follows:
I.  Annual Thailand Convention:
  • January 18-22, 2016 Preconvention tour: Taiwan.
  • January 25-26, 2016 Bangkok General Hospital to host CME meeting in Bangkok.
  • January 27-31, 2016 Convention at Baan Oam-Kod-Kun-Kao, Suan Phuang, Rachaburi, including reception, local tours, Karaoke and Gala night.
  • January 30, 2016 TPAA Board of Directors meeting
  • January 28, 2016 Medical mission at Rachaburi Hospital.
  • January 29, 2016 Rural School Project at Chula-Thammasart School 2, Rachaburi.
  • February 1-10, 2016 Post convention tour: Vietnam-Laos.
II. June 24-July 4, 2016 TPAA Fundraising: Switzerland, Austria & Bavaria.
III. TPAA All Chapter Annual Meeting September, Labor Day weekend hosted by Southern      Chapter and TPAA Board of Directors meeting.
For information updates, please visit tpaa.us website.
For all other inquiries, please contact me directly.
See all of you soon.
Siriporn Kulkamthorn, M.D.
TPAA President 2016
For Details of the 38th Annual Thailand Convention, please click the links below:
2. Pre-convention TAIWAN tour:
3. RACHABURI tour:
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4. Post-convention VIETNAM tour:



For detail information, please contact Dr. Siriporn Kulkamthron:  skulkam@gmail.com  OR  call (314)780-8019