Midwest Chapter

History of the Midwest Chapter


Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip from Chicago, Illinois, initiated the formation of the Midwest Chapter in an effort to augment TPAA’s membership.  He started by recruiting several physicians from the Chicago land and Indiana areas.  He then expanded recruitment to physicians in the rest of Illinois and Missouri by including members of the Southern Missouri and Illinois Thai Golf association (SMIT), which was founded by Dr.Meechai Puntumabumrung, Dr.Sanan Saengsamran, Dr. Pornchai Pisutaarnond, Dr. Pichet Santilukka, Dr. Chaiyarat Sermchief and Dr. Pairat Vibullakaopan.  After working through all the details necessary to establish a new chapter, Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip became the first chairman.  That year, he organized the first annual meeting of the Midwest Chapter which took place during Labor Day Weekend at the Holiday Inn in Harvey, Illinois.  The event was heralded as a success with interesting lectures, a tennis tournament, and a Gala Dinner.


Dr. Phaibul Kosaphandhu, the chapter’s 4th chairman, added a golf tournament to the list of activities that was offered during the annual meeting which was held at the Oakbrook Hills Resort and Hotel in Oakbrook, Illinois.


Dr. Pisit Rangsithienchai, the chairperson that year, introduced the Midwest Chapter “Rules and Regulations”.  This included a provision that outlined the Chapter’s territory to mirror the U.S. geographic region of the Midwest.  Since then, the annual meetings have been rotating through the different states of the chapter including Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.


The term of the Chairperson of the Chapter was extended to two years.


The TPAA Southern Chapter held a joint meeting with the Midwest Chapter in Tampa, Florida.


The TPAA Western Chapter joined the Southern and Midwest Chapters at their annual meeting.


The TPAA Northeast Chapter joined the other 3 chapters at an annual meeting that was sponsored by the Western Chapter and held in Anaheim, California over the Labor Day weekend.  It was then decided that moving forward; an Annual All Chapters meeting would be held each year and hosted by one of the chapters on a rotating basis.  The schedule for the next few years is: 2010 – Midwest Chapter; 2011 – Northeast Chapter; 2012 – Southern Chapter; 2013 – Western Chapter; and so forth.

Submitted by Dr. Sanan Saengsamran, Dr. Phaibul Kosaphandhu and Dr. Siriporn Kulkamthorn.

Date  6/6/2010.

Approved by Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip, Dr. Meechai Puntumabumrung.

Revised by Dr. Pisit Rangsithienchai and Communication committee on 6/23/2010

List of the Chairpersons of Midwest Chapter:

#1. 1984  Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip, IL. cm, 1964,

#2. 1985  Dr. Yongsuk Lertratanakul, IL , sr, 1968,

#3. 1986  Dr. Bampen Charo, IN , cu, 1968,

#4. 1987  Dr. Phaibul Kosaphandhu, IL , cu, 1968,

#5. 1988  Dr. Pisit Rangsithienchai, IL , cu, 1970,

#6. 1989-90  Dr. Meechai Puntumabumrung, IL , cm, 1967,

#7. 1991  Dr. Pikul Tontapanish, MI , sr, 1967,

#8. 1992  Dr. Cherdkiat Sangkam, IL , cu, 1971,

#9. 1993  Dr. Noparat Sujaritchan, Ohio.

#10.1994  Dr. Sathien Suntrachai, IL , cu, 1964,

#11.1995  Dr. Sunchai Senasu, IN,   cu, 1970,

#12.1996  Dr. Jurin Boriboon, MI, sr, 1967,

#13. 1997  Dr. Kosit Prieb, IL , cm, 1969,

#14.1998  Dr. Pirojna Jantra, IL , cu, 1972,

#15.1999  Dr. Kingkhan Boriboon, MI , sr, 1967.

#16.2000  Dr. Thongchai Vachirasomboon, IN , sr, 1972,

#17.2001  Dr. Supachai Suwatanapongched, IL , cm, 1966,

#18.2002-3  Dr. Dhawesuk Tang, IL , cm, 1969,

#19.2004     Dr. Sunchai Senasu, cu, 1970.

#20.2005-6 Dr. Sagul Tonsiengsom, IL,  sr, 1968,

#21.2006-7  Dr. Apinanta Thitipraserth, IL , cu, 1969.

#22. 2008-2011 Dr.Sripatt Kulkamthorn, MO, cu, 1968.


I. Boundaries

Shall adopt the same boundary as the U.S. geographic division for Midwest, per consensus of the 1987 annual meeting.  These shall include the following 12 states: Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana and Ohio.

II. Membership

Members:  All registered members of TPAA within the above boundary shall automatically become the members of the chapter. If members from other states beyond this boundary wish to join the Midwest chapter, they can do so by notifying the chapter.

III.  Officers

1. The officers of the Chapter:
a.  Shall consist of the Chairman, Regional Representatives, Chairman Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.

2. Elections:
a.  Election for chairman-elect shall be held at the annual meeting by floor nomination and vote from the members who attend the meeting.
b.  Election result shall then be forwarded to the Executive Board of TPAA

3. Chairman:
a.  Shall be inaugurated by the previous year chairman-elect and shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and serve for a four year term starting January 1st of
each year.
b.  Shall have the power to authorize any expense for the Chapter not more than $500.00 (five hundred dollars) each transaction.  If the amount of transaction is
larger than $500.00 both Secretary and Treasurer shall be consulted.
c.  Shall have the power to appoint members to the different committees.
d.  Shall send summary of the annual report to the Executive Board of TPAA.

4. Regional Representatives:
a.  Shall be selected by their constituent and approved at the annual meeting

5. Chairman-Elect:
a.  Shall be nominated and voted on during the annual meeting to succeed the Chairman when the term ends or when he or she is no longer able to perform the
b.  Shall have the duty to observe and assist the current officers.

6. Treasurer:
a.  Shall be appointed by the Chairman and serve a four year term same as the Chairman.  The same Treasurer can serve not more than three (3) consecutive
b.  Shall administer the financial funds of the Chapter and report the financial statement at the end of the year to the President of TPAA.

7. Secretary:
a.  Shall be appointed by the Chairman and serve a four year term same as the Chairman.  The same Secretary can serve not more than three(3) consecutive
b.  Shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Chapter, give notices to the members and keep records of the Chapter.

IV. Meetings:

1.  Regular Meeting:  There shall be not less than one (1) meeting yearly.

2.  Special Meeting:  May be called at any time by the Chairman.  Any 10 members may sign a petition for a special meeting and the minutes shall be reported to the Chairman within 15 days of the meeting.

3.  Annual Meeting:  The Chapter shall convene not less than once yearly.

V. Quorum:

1.  Seven (7) members including at least two (2) officers shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business at any meeting of the Chapter.

VI. Committees:

1.  Shall be appointed by the Chairman.

2.  Rules and Regulations:
a.  Shall have the duty to review and amend the rules and regulations of the Chapter and report to TPAA for approval.

3.  Auxiliary:
a.  Shall support the various functions of the Chapter.

4.  Other:
a.  Shall be created as deemed necessary by the Chairman.